Maui Real Estate Advisor

May 27, 2024

Maui Real Estate Advisor ~ Issue 135, May 2024

Aloha, this is Lahaina Lee and this is your Maui real estate advisor May edition.

Well, things have been hot here on Maui, and not to make light of a bad situation, but fire season has officially started here. During the week of May 9, there were several incidents, the ...

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May 2, 2024

Maui Real Estate Advisor ~ Issue 134, April MREA

Aloha, Lahaina Lee here with your Maui real estate advisor report for March 2024. I'm coming to you a little bit late this month because we were on vacation. Where do people from Maui go on vacation you might ask? 

Well, one of our favorite places to go ...

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March 27, 2024

Maui Real Estate Advisor ~ Issue 133, March 2024

We are almost through the first quarter of 2024 and over 7 months out from the devastating Lahaina wildfire. We continue to appreciate the support from you and all of the volunteers not for profit organizations.

We also appreciated the help of government entities. Although sometimes it really feels like ...

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Feb. 22, 2024

Maui Real Estate ~ Issue 132, February 2024

Aloha, we're a little late with the 2023 Year-end Report. So, we want to shout out a big ALOHA and welcome to 2024. Here is our update for what's happening on Maui, and a look into our somewhat hazy crystal ball.

First, we are grateful for what we ...

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Dec. 21, 2023

Maui Real Estate Advisor ~ Issue 131, December 2023

News Flash: Maui has a housing crisis

Aloha, all, we have been raising the lack of real estate inventory and especially the lack of "affordable" inventory here on Maui for years. The situation became much more pronounced when over 7,000 Lahaina residents were "displaced", and more than 2 ...

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Nov. 28, 2023

Maui Real Estate Advisor ~ November Issue 2023

Aloha, part of our aim is to come from gratitude and look for silver linings. The Lahaina and Kula wildfires have clearly had a dramatic and traumatic impact on the community.

Itʻs been tough, and the way forward is not clear in any way. However, forward is where we must ...

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Oct. 30, 2023

Maui Real Estate Advisor ~ Issue 129, October 2023


It has been a minute, several minutes in fact. For those of you who we haven't had the opportunity to connect with, Barb and I did lose our home, as did all of our neighbors at our beloved Aina Nalu. Aina Nalu was only 1 of 10 condo ...

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July 21, 2023

Maui Real Estate Advisor ~ Issue 128, July 2023


Summer is in full swing on Maui, kids have been out of school long enough to get bored and parents to get a little crazy! Beach parking lots are packed, and if youʻre lucky enough to find a spot for you car, you might be out of luck for ...

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June 14, 2023

Maui Real Estate Advisor ~ Issue 127, June 2023


It's been an interesting week or so in economics for the U.S. As most expected, the debt ceiling crisis was averted, but the politicians still managed to freak out some of the markets, at least a little bit, before they got it done. The federal jobs report ...

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May 23, 2023

Maui Real Estate Advisor ~ Issue 126, May 2023


It's May on Maui, and it's probably May where you are too. On Maui, May brings graduations, the beginning of wedding season, and, for us, the definite end of whale season. Although whales were reported being seen as late as last week, sadly, they will be on ...

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