April 2019 - Sales Statistics

A dramatic shift may be on the horizon

The Maui real estate market is definitely shifting. Comparing April 2018 to April of 2019, single family home sales are off 17.4% and condo sales dropped 22.2%. This year to date home sales are off by 17%, but total condo sales for the year are down just 1% compared to 2018. Indicators of demand for homes is still high, although with a median selling price of over $800,000, affordability could slow down the overall market. The stats for condos indicate that the trend could be shifting to a more buyer friendly market. 


Pending Sales: along with other key statistics, are detailed below

Pending sales represent properties that are under contract buy have not closed yet. They are a key indicator of future sales. 

Pending sales are a bright spot in this report. Pending home sales have been on the rise for the last several months. The Realtors Association of Maui reports that pending sales are up 24% over the same month last year and 5.7% this year to date. Pending condo sales appear to be pretty level for the last 6 months. However, the association reports that pending condos are down almost 5% year over year and 16% this year to date.


Inventory tells us how many units are available for sale in each category. Inventory of homes for sale had a decline from April 2018 of just under 12%, and condo inventory dropped 16%.

Other telling inventory factors are that new listings for homes is off 8.7% compared to last April, and there is 5.2 months of inventory. 

However, the months of inventory number is misleading. At the rather lofty median selling price of $819,500, only 25% of the homes listed for sale today are priced at or below the median. 

Condo inventory is a bit more interesting. This year to date new condo listing are down 9.3%. However, there was a shift in April, as new listings were up 14.4% over April of 2018. That said, there is still only 4 months' supply of condos for sale. 

Selling Prices: average sold prices

We look at Average and Median prices in all categories. A lot of people like to know the average price; however, we tend to use median for most of our analysis, because median is less likely to be skewed by outliers of a few very high-priced or very low-priced sales.

The average selling price for homes crept back over the $1,000,000 mark in April. However, the shocker is the median selling price soaring to $819,500. That's 13% over April of 2018.

Condo prices are also surprising. The median selling price in April was down 13% from April of 2018. The average price is off 9.2%

Days on Market: (avg-sold listings)

The days on market is the number of days a property has been on the market until the close of escrow. That number seems pretty stable. Normal financed sales take 45-60+ days, so on average homes and condos are on the market up to 100 days before they go into escrow. I believe we are still seeing a downward trend in days on market.




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