Update from Maui


Two weeks, just two short weeks since many of our lives changed, and two weeks that have felt like the longest of our lives. Our hearts are broken for each and every one of you that lost a loved one, a home, or a business. We grieve with you.

We are surviving, working on insurance claims, long-term housing and continuing to be grateful that our team is okay. Recovery efforts continue to be in full effect; Samaritans Purse is now on-island and available to sift through the rubble on behalf of families or will accompany families and be there to help while they go through the ashes for those areas that have been cleared.  

Sacred Hearts and Kam III were destroyed in the fire, Princess, LIS and Lahainaluna are still standing but are not currently operable, leaving so many students displaced. Maui Preparatory Academy opened its doors and accepted around 120 new students. Through generous donations, most of them were at little or no cost. These young people are our joy and hope, they are resilient and kind and thoughtful. They are why we will rise. 

Many are wondering what they can do right now, there are a myriad of GoFundMe sites that are directly helping families, but also remember that the rest of Maui is still OPEN. Come on your vacation and if you usually stay in Lahaina, explore a new part of the island. We will need you.
Our thoughts and prayers are with each of you.