Update from Maui ~ your daily dose of "vitamin sea"


Mayor Victorino sent a request to Governor Ige to relax Maui's Safer Outside Emergency Health rules. Read more here. He didn't release any specifics of what he asked for, but here's hoping! If the Governor accepts any of the changes it will go into effect on October 1...

...which is Friday! Who can believe it is already October...of 2021?!? Does anyone else feel like we just finished with Christmas 2019?
"Foam is white and waves are grey, 
Beyond the sunset leads the way."
~ J.R.R. Tolkien
Friday Night on Front Street with Lahaina Lee Potts!
"I can unequivocally say that Kathy Becklin is likely the best, most caring, most detailed, most responsive, most helpful real estate PROFESSIONAL I have ever met...
She is fun, she is thorough, she is knowledgeable and when she isn't diving...she answers her phone...
If you are buying or selling on Maui...reach out to Kathy.
She is the best there is."

~ Chuck & Lisa