Update from Maui ~ your daily dose of "vitamin sea"

There are several things on the bucket list before the island gets busy again. Going to watch the sunrise on Haleakala was one of them (and has been for over 15 years...). It was well worth the 3:30 am departure, the 1.5 hour drive, and the 44 degree (with wind!) temperatures (I don't think I have EVER been that cold on Maui). It was spectacular!

There wasn't anywhere to look that wasn't absolutely beautiful. (The picture below is looking back on the island). Have you ever been?
There really isn't a bad time of day - from sunrise to sunset, Maui is a pretty great place to live!
"What I know for sure is that every sunrise is like a new page, a chance to right ourselves and receive each day in all its glory. Each day is a wonder."
~Oprah Winfrey
Stay safe and well.
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