Update from Maui ~ your daily dose of "vitamin sea"

Well, so far so good. There haven't been any new COVID cases reported on Maui for the past few days, and we can definitely tell the visitors are back. Ultimately this is what we want and need, but it is a little bittersweet to let go of our private island...

Nonetheless, we do want to continue to welcome back visitors, so if you're coming (and we genuinely hope you do!), please be safe, wear your mask, wash your hands and respect those around you. 
If you're not subject to quarantine (and you're on Maui), did you know you're able to travel between Lana'i and Moloka'i without having to take a pre-departure test? Get out on the water and sail to Lana'i, and who knows, you just might see some whales! Does anyone recognize the picture above?
"Still round the corner, there may wait, a new road or a secret gate."
~ J.R.R. Tolkien
Stay safe and well.
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