Update from Maui ~ your daily dose of "vitamin sea"

We hope everyone (at least all of our American friends) had a fantastic Thanksgiving and were able to enjoy time with a small number of family and friends! We (very gladly) ate too much great food and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Maui continues to welcome COVID negative visitors back to the island, and so far it seems to be going fairly smoothly. Unfortunately, due to the rise in COVID cases, both Kauai and the Big Island have opted out of the safe travel program and have gone back to the mandatory 14-day quarantine. As of now, Mayor Victorino is saying Maui will continue with the safe travel program, so if you're here, wash your hands, wear your masks and stay safe, and if you're coming, please be respectful of the rules and regulations. We want to continue to extend our Aloha to all the visitors!
If you're in the snow or the rain, we hope you can live vicariously through this idyllic Kaanapali Beach video!
"The hardest thing in life is to know which bridge to cross,
and which to burn."

~ Unknown
Stay safe and well.
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