Update from Maui ~ your daily dose of "vitamin sea"

We hope everyone had a good weekend. Our idyllic Maui weather is back and it is as beautiful as ever just in time for Spring Break!

Kids are coming home from the beach sun-kissed and salt soaked, with tales of wipe outs and epic waves (am I painting a rosy enough picture?!?)

The island is definitely coming back to life and though we are still using an abundance of caution, we are feeling like maybe, just maybe life will get back to normal, or a semblance of normal anyway. There is at least hope on the horizon!

Let us know if you're in town, we would love to connect. Aloha! 
Saturday's skies: the stormy skis are gone, but the waves are still rolling in!
Incredible photo of a flying fish or malolo by LCHIU MD
"It is only when you're flying above it that you notice how incredible the Earth really is."
~Philippe Perrin
Stay safe and well.
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