Maui has some great restaurants, but when you live somewhere, full-time or part-time, sometimes it is hard to deviate from your tried and true favorites and try something new. So here are a few of Mauiʻs best restaurants

Hawaii Magazine recently did an article on their top 10 favorite places to eat on Maui. They are pretty spot on with their choices (though admittedly I haven't been to every place they chose), but they are also leaving a few favorites out. 


Sanseiʻs Japanese Calamari Salad

Starting in Kapalua and moving South, Sansei is arguably one of the best restaurants on Maui (and there is one in Kihei as well!). The fresh sushi is delicious, and not to worry if you're not a fan of the raw world, there are pork chops, steak and chicken dishes that all have abundant, delicious flavors as well. 

Taverna is a newer eatery and is just a block up from Sansei in Kapalua. Their tag line is "urban drinks and Italian eats." The atmosphere of the restaurant is almost as good as the food. From lobster benedict to one of the best burgers on Maui, Taverna will be sure to delight. And ask for the affogato for dessert, believe me, you'll be glad you did!


Lahaina Grillʻs Desert Sampler - bites of heaven, all of them

If you want a bit of a nicer restaurant, Lahaina Grill in Lahaina (obviously), has won best restaurant on Maui 26 years in a row. The menu is very farm to table, with fresh seafood choices daily. Your mouth will burst with happiness whatever menu item you choose. Be sure to make a reservation though, they are very busy!

Paia Fish Market is located in both, you guessed it, Paia, and a newer location, Lahaina. Fresh seafood, inexpensive prices, and great service will make Paia Fish Market a tried and true favorite.


Mochiko Chicken

Living on the West Side with so many great choices of places to eat, I don't venture over to the otherside (Kahului) very often and so while I have never eaten at Tin Roof, every one that has raves about it. Incidentally, Chef Sheldon was also the Chef that helped open Star Noodle (on Hawaii Magazine's top 10 list) and has recently opened Lineage in Wailea (also on the list), so there is no doubt that the food will be delicious. Priced right with a Chef born and raised in Hawaii; how could you go wrong.

Eating out can get expensive, so make sure you're choosing places that are worth the money! Eat, enjoy, explore and let me know what you find!