Suni Novotny, RS-80348

(808) 298-7858

I was born and raised in South Dakota and moved to Maui 14 years ago, to enjoy the sun, the sand, and all of the beauty that Maui has to offer. 

Before retiring, my dad was a real estate broker. He owned a real estate office and a construction company. Dad says that working in real estate is "in my blood". In my early 20's, I spent a year working for him and learned the ins and outs of the real estate business. After pursuing other education and careers, I've come full circle and I'm excited to be a real estate salesperson myself. 

I recently got married and my new husband and I bought a home of our own on Maui. I'd like to help others with their real estate needs, whether that means achieving the dream of home ownership, like we recently did, or buying or selling properties for investment or other purposes. 

You can count on me to assist you with all of your real estate related needs.