Aloha Group was founded on the principles of ALOHA, COMPETENCE and CONFIDENCE.

Our mission is to competently and confidently represent clients and treat all, especially one another, with aloha.

We believe that starts with the owners and management and extends to the team members, employees, other professionals, and our clients benefit.

We believe that all team members and employees deserve competent, caring, and responsive management. We believe they deserve excellent ongoing (never ending) training in all aspects of the real estate business, including customer care, representation, legal and contractual matters, marketing communication and implementation, and knowledge of the market.

We believe if we are there for the team, they will be there for the clients, and everyone will prosper.

All clients deserve to be treated with Aloha. They deserve to be represented, not just sold. Their representatives should know the inventory. They should know the contracts and addenda that we use. They should know the principals of negotiation.  They should know how to communicate with clients in the manner that best suits that individual client. They should know how to stay in contact with their clients. They should also feel comfortable in not taking on or “firing” clients who are abusive.