Pono - Do the Right Thing, with Aloha!



Pono, Integrity, do what's right - Do what's right for your clients, do what's right for your colleagues. Do what's right for your community and everyone you come into contact with. That means honesty and fairness in all dealings, following the Realtors Code of Ethics at all times and don't do anything you wouldn't want your mama to know about. What's at Stake?

Communication, Cooperation & Collaboration - We believe we best represent our clients' interests by working cooperatively with our peers, allied professionals and Aloha Group Maui team members to ensure the best prices, terms, and smooth transactions. Listen first and seek to understand (Covey) then follow platinum rule of communication, i.e., communicate with our clients, our peers and our team members in the way that they want to be communicated with.

Competence and Confidence - Education is the cornerstone of Aloha Group Maui. Each team member, agents and support alike, will desire and pursue continuing education to build expertise and mastery of their chosen field.

Community Aloha - Help people who need a little or a lot of help and contribute to causes that are important to the well being and ongoing stability of each of our communities through the donation of money and our time.

Health and Fun - We live in paradise, we should enjoy it, and enjoy it for as long as possible. Play, eat right (all things in moderation), be good to the aina and your joy and love of this place will come through to your clients and everyone you come into contact with.

Competence & Confidence!