How To Sell For The Most In The Right Amount Of Time

Aloha Group Maui's Successful Selling System

Our 12 part marketing program to attract qualified buyers.

Selling your home or condo fast, for the most possible, takes a plan. It requires follow up and straightforward communication. The Aloha Group Maui's Successful Selling system is designed to attract qualified buyers and the professionals who represent them.

Our exclusive 12 part program combines the best current marketing technology with plain old fashioned shoe leather. We use the internet, post cards, print ads, open houses and much more to get offers for you fast.

If you haven't been in the real estate market for a while you may not remember what communication with an agent is like. The #1 complaint sellers have is lousy communication with their agents. We give you the Aloha Group Maui's Communication Pledge - 5 simple things to keep you up to date and in the loop at all times.

Marketing Your Home

At Aloha Group Maui, we know that getting your home on as many websites as possible is key. Aside from your Realtor's personal social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, all of our listings have custom landing pages that are featured on Additionally, all of our listings are featured on - the world's largest real estate company with over 130,000 agents - and are also syndicated on over 350 different websites including, and