What To Expect From The Aloha Group Maui Buyer Representative


  1. Identify your needs - "listen like a lover" so that we truly understand.
  2. Suggest financing sources and options, there are more than you might realize.
  3. Help find other professionals like inspectors, exterminators, and contractors.
  4. Select and arrange property showings.
  5. Evaluate particular properties and explain maintenance fees, leasehold, AOAO, and other important terms.
  6. Explain forms and agreements.
  7. Suggest contract contingencies to protect you rather than the seller.
  8. Keep all information that could weaken your bargaining position confidential.
  9. Closely working with our professional team through the escrow and closing processes to protect you and keep your dream worry free.
  10. And if you're buying a condo, there are a few more things you should know, like:
  • Is this property leasehold or fee-simple?
  • How do the property taxes work?
  • What maintenance fees cover in condos and developments cover and what you pay extra for?
  • Is short term vacation rental allowed?
  • What are the rental managements options, what are the costs, and what do you get for your money?
  • How does financing work in Hawaii?

These are just a few of the details that could make owning in Maui a true paradise or something else. As your Buyer's Representative, we look out for your interests and best of all, it costs you nothing.


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 Please contact us if you would like us to help you find your perfect Maui property or to know more about buying real estate on Maui.